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aperitivo ” PARON ” 


Paron” says “It’s perfect for all occasions. It’s ideal for everyday!”

This is our philosophy and our mission. Even though Prosecco makes a quintessential before-dinner drink, our sparkling wines – “Spumanti” – are perfect for luch, aperitivo, dinner and after dinner.


In Veneto Region – Italy, home to the very first Italian school for vine-growing and oenology, Paron Roncarà produces premium sparkling wines. The mix amongs tradition, constant attention to research and innovation, love and respect for the land formed the Roncarà methodology of production.


Paron” sparkling wines are the perfect accompaniment for a large variety of food and meals, as the refreshing bubbles and light taste act as a palate cleanser. They can be paired with seafood and vegetable-based dim sum especially prawn toasts and seafood dumplings, oysters, Parma and other air-dried ham, pizza or pastas topped with light sauces, finger food and much more.